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GORASU, which is part of Dholera SIR, is 6 km away from Dholera. Dholera SIR consists of 22 villages as follows: Ambali, Bavliyari, Bhadiyad, Bhangadh, Bhimtalav, Cher, Dholera, Gogla, GORASU, Hebatpur, Kadipur, Khun, Mahadevpura, Mandi, Mingalpur, Ottariya, Panchi, Rahtalav, Sandhida, Sangasar, Sodhi, Zankhi.

Management of Invest in Dholera is local resident of GORASU. Born and brought up in this area and are very much aware of the geographical conditions, awareness of land, government plans, rules and regulations. They are very popular in local people and aware with all the investors of this area.

They are engaged in trading of land, investment in land, brokerage, etc. since last 10 years (since 2001). Hence Management is capable of all kind of commercial services in this region like:
Management can also help you to invest in near vicinity of Vadodara and Bhavnagar.

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